Vana API

Welcome to Vana

Transform your data into dynamic, personalized AI with Vana. Our platform empowers developers to create apps that leverage user-owned data and AI, driving forward the decentralized AI revolution.
Why Build with Vana?
  • Personalized AI Creation: Easily craft a digital avatar ("gotchi") that embodies the user’s data personality, offering a novel way to interact with technology.
  • Full Data Autonomy: Vana champions data privacy and control, giving users and builders the reins over how data is utilized and shared.
  • AI Ecosystem: Access a community of over 1 million users eager for innovative applications that harness their personalized AI.
  • Seamless Integration: Vana's API facilitates straightforward integration, allowing you to focus on creating unique user experiences without the backend hassle.
  • Self-Hosted Models: Ensure total control and privacy with the option to run AI models locally, tailoring the learning process to specific user needs. Learn more about this here.
For Builders, By Builders
  • No Walled Gardens: Break free from the constraints of centralized platforms. Vana is about opening up the AI landscape, ensuring compute and data are where they belong: in the hands of creators and users.
  • Community-Driven Innovation: Join forces with a like-minded community to explore the boundaries of what's possible with AI, pushing for a future where technology enhances human potential.
Join the Movement
Vana isn’t just a platform; it’s a call to action for developers, AI enthusiasts, and innovators. Build privacy-centric, user-empowering applications that make a difference.