Vana API


Use SDXL with loras to generate images of a character, the world around you, and anything in between using a single text prompt.

Generate an image

Once an image generation request is sent, a job is created and the corresponding job ID is sent back.
Generate an image based on a prompt

Get generated images

To retrieve the images from a generation request, a job can be queried, and the outputFiles of the job will contain the list of images once the job is complete.
Retreives the outputs from a job

Check if the user has a trained face model

To create personalized images, a user's character must have a trained character face model. A single model here represents a LoRA file, used to personalize an SDXL image.
Having one or more models in the models response list means an image containing a character's face can be created.
Retreives a list of LoRA models a character has