Vana API

Personalize AI applications
The Vana API is a REST API to easily integrate fine tuned AI models for each user. It makes it easy to add powerful AI capabilities to your applications without worrying about training compute costs, onboarding users with their data, or securing highly sensitive personal data.
With Vana, your users can bring their already trained AI self into your application.
The Vana API is in alpha, but if you're interested in getting early access, just shoot us an email at [email protected] with a short description of how you plan to use it so we can add your domain to a whitelist. We'd love to hear from you!


It's hard to manage having one fine-tuned model for each user, but fine-tuned models can power really amazing product experiences. The Vana API makes integrating AI models fine-tuned for each user as easy as integrating a single model. Inference is fast for every user's model, and it is trained on private data that developers don't have to deal with or worry about.
The compute costs can also get exceptionally high when working with large models, both for training and for inference. The Vana API allows users to cover their own compute costs, allowing your application to scale without a skyrocketing cloud bill. We have 700k users who have already trained AI models on their private data, and are looking for additional applications they can use it in.

Use Cases In the Wild:

Developers use the Vana API to:
  • Create illustrations of users to accompany their favorite stories
  • Create stylized avatars
  • Celebrate their musical taste with an evolving album cover of themself
  • You can see a live integration by scrolling to the bottom of the page here
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